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Saturday, June 8, 2013

June.....a new start...

In my new flat in Walthamstow......all Ikea stuff put together (wrist and elbow suffering from screwdriver use) papermaking studio area set up in the kitchen and a week off work!!! The flat has a huge airing cupboard which turns out to be a wonderful place to store and dry plant fibres.
So, the daffodil leaves that I grew in Brixton have dried nicely and are ready to be made into paper. Ah... the joy of having my own place to do what I want / when I want / without having to clear away the vats etc after each session ....

This mushy pulp, when added to other pulps, makes some of my fav papers. I didn't cook it for the usual amount of time.....which made the fibres less fine - ok for a change but will cook longer next time.

Started off with adding abaca to the daffoldil pulp .. then violet/iridencent gampi  ..then warm yellow/iredecent gampi .. then abaca .. then yellow+blue abaca .. 
.. then abac ..

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