Mandy Brannan


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Western papermaking for Book artists
Colchester Institute - MA Art, Design and the Book
th and 19th January, 2011

What a great workshop! The first week was an introduction to papermaking followed by a second session that looked at ways to develop the students ideas using the medium and various techniques. Very interesting conversations and experimentation.....found text, threads, pigmented pulp, wasps!!
I have asked the students to send me photos of their work using the papers they made in this class --- watch out for updates!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maple Leaves

above image - sheet held up to the light

Then blended them up and added them to the pinkish pulp...... results interesting .... the leaf bits look shimmery and when held up to the light the leaf bits are transparent!! I can see that some more experimentation will be needed ..... this could be developed further...

I have a couple of bags of maple leaves sitting in my studio - so over Christmas I thought I'd do something with them ..... cooked them up and then forgot about them! Returned to the studio this week and found then looking and smelling a bit nasty!!! So added some bleach and left them for a couple of days and was amozed when the leaves had turned pure white!! They were very delecate so I tried to place them on a dark pulp ........

The pulp made from the rose petals was really soft and non fibrous - and I wasn't sure how long to cook it for. When some white pigmented abaca was added I was happy with the results - quite crisp and interesting ! Then added more abaca and the results were okish -