Mandy Brannan


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Today started to make some papers to use in next weeks' class........ processed the nettles that I collected from the Tottenham marshes (a few minutes away from my flat) and added to some gampi and abaca; with a little sizing....

I have been attending the Working Men's College in Camden taking a beginners printmakers course for the last couple of weeks.
The past two weeks my work has been directed by my book arts practice and trying to come up with a new way to visualise the image of one of my fav buildings in London.

This week I was really tired after a full week-end and a full day of when faced with the task of simple lino cutting I really started to lose the plot....just creating an image that showed what the different cutting tool marks. 

Then the 'class shared chocolate chunks'  kicked in and I started to play around with the different ink colours - got another piece of lino and let the tools lead the way - heavily influenced by my walk on Sunday in the Tottenham Marshes collecting nettles for to eat and to make paper!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Papermaking for Book Arts

Last November I had the pleasure of teaching the 'Papermaking for Book Arts' at Morley College in London .... just south of the river!

A really talented group of students who used the 5 weekly sessions to use handmade paper to contextualize their research and ideas.

I have put up a page on my website for sales.......
please contact me if you have any interest in these papers or would like some bespoke ones.