Mandy Brannan


Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift of flowers .... final

Well, time to clean up the vats for the impending Christmas celebrations/no time for papermaking/got places to go/money to earn/Guiness to drink!!! a couple of walls (that I have promised myself) need to get painted

Using up the left Boxing Day but more creative!

oh...had some numeral text soaking in a jar...that got added into the mix

ranunculus continued....

Couldn't sleep on Sat up and just played without any agenda ......
layers upon layers upon layers

Gift of flowers 4

Ranunculus Petals

The petals have not lost their colour, but, they may do over time....will monitor
Any way.....layered them over abaca and pigmented gampi....they have a delicate, etherial feel thinks.......

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift of flowers, 3

The second bunch of flowers included ranunculus. I have never tried using these:their petals being so delicate - but gonna try!
 they have dried but haven't lost their colour...hmmm

 still not loosing their colour...bit worrying if I want archival papers
may have to go to extreme prep methods, and no way will these need blending

Gift of flowers, 2

 process of preparing the rose petals ..... always lose their colour:which is fine by me because it allows my to include them any colour scheme.

 after cooking the petals take on a diaphanous feel when put in the vat

 lots of experimentation....layered over pigmented gampi

made a birthday be given to the friend that gave me the flowers

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a second day off work and brain starts to clear.....over load of ideas ....  found this manipulated image of the Walker (Minneapolis) which I took about a year ago......grids and plan for papermaking me thinks

Gifts of flowers, 1....

Throughout my life I have received 4 bunches of flowers (two of which are from the same friend). I don't want to sound disconsolate - it's because I have been a gardener for most of my adulthood and everyone knew that i always had plenty of beautiful flowers and had no need of more!
So.....last week-end I was given two bunches of flowers,
Roses +

for my birthday, that were really appreciated because I no longer have a garden and suprise!!..... loved receiving them.  Because of this I decided to use as much of the plants in papermaking experiments. This is the story of the flowers/leaves/twigs......

Ranunculus +