Mandy Brannan


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends of Dard Hunter

Well, after gathering many different pulps and doing a bit of recipe experimentation
I decided to use the 8 hr beaten abaca, 4 hr beaten linen and some pigmented gampi fibers to the mix for the Keepsake folder - nice crisp paper with rattle!
I was going to add daffodil, thistledown and fern but I had some problems
getting the paper to dry.

So after some paper engineering thoughts I came up with this - with a closure flap (that was able to go through my printer) that has some movability because I don't know how many pieces will be placed in the envelope. Although I am not expecting more than 10 or 12.
Up-date.......had to make 25 - lots more papermakers attending!


While I was in Surbiton we also cooked up some tree ferns ......
They were rather tough and took forever to cook. When done they weren't as good as I expected them to be - bit brittle and not very nice. So....I bleached some of the fronds and then added them to the abaca pulp ..... ok'ish ... not that successful.