Mandy Brannan


Sunday, July 21, 2013


Every summer my friend Jane Cradock-Watson and I get together for a day of making...the last 3 years have concentrated on  papermaking ... this year she taught me how to make a collagraph plate and how to print it.

Way back...before I left the US to do my MA I approached a fellow MCBA member about combining print and handmade paper using the polymer plate and chine colle process...

In preparing work for new work about the process of memory and how our behaviours  can alter the epigenetic DNA mechanisms, I experimented with my papers that represent coloured brain slices....


Friday, July 19, 2013


Working with a screen printer, Lynne Blackburn, we hope to come up with handmade paper that can be used for her non-oil based inks.
I gave her a selection of papers - all with different contents, ranging from recycled paper to traditional Japanese papermaking fibres.
The following shows the results.......

The inks worked better than I expected.....only a few papers had bleeding from the ink.   The screen printed image on several was extremely sharp (especially the ones with  processed plant (rose petals and daffodil leaf) fibers....nice!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Text and Tie

I am experimenting with different types of text .... recyled .... pages .... for my personal interest and for a screen printer friend.

At the same time (i never use just one type of pulp) I am experimenting with some more of the silk tie material.....and mixing them together.....hmmmm really should be making paper for my collagraph class that I'm taking next Sat....