Mandy Brannan


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

and the week continues.........

A week of papermaking and working on the 'situated/default mode/mind wandering research
reworking ideas and images that have recurred in my more recent work (distorted grid spaces)

Tomorrow will see me back in the studio - only a few weeks left - and then on Friday morning off into Chelsea for the Contemporary Craft and Design Fair - Handmade in Britain.
Up-date.......both of these were disappointing!!
Looking forward to next Wednesday when I go to for the Ligatus open lecture by Susanne Krause - Decorated Papers - where they come from and how to look after them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

past week.......

wow - didn't expect last week to end so well - even my Sunday lunch break
at work was productive!!
Sat down to eat and brain started to work - scribbled ideas on a napkin - which all seem to link up as a feasible way to jump back into the research stemming from the work I did on the 'default mode network' and what happens when we start daydreaming!
This strand will continue on my research blog!

Friday and Saturday saw me travelling down to Hastings to visit my friend Myles - he and I have been working on developing paper for his screen prints - (see my web site)
A lovely relaxing two days walking along the sea front/eating really bad food and having great conversations - even a wishful idea to buy a pub there and to turn into a gallery/workshop/living space ..... pubs selling really cheaply in Hastings!

plus - as we walked around the old part of town - I found a new addition for carrying my work/display - a small suitcase - what a gem - lovely!!

and finally..........
I must not forget ..... this is a papermaking blog......

I walked over to the studio today and processed some fibers and made some large sheets of linen and sisal paper that has a touch of golden iridescence pigment......brings me to
a quote from a pamphlet that I picked up at the conference ....

Kathy Crump (who has an amazing studio in California that I visited back in the 90's) writes..

Processing fiber stimulates and provides me with a certain contentment
and continuity in my life.
Making paper is seductive. It leads me into new areas of thoughts.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazing week-end

The Friends of Dard Hunter conference held at the Frogmore Papermill was an amazingly 3 days!! So much so I am rather overwhelmed by all the new friendships made, handmade paper exchanged, exciting and inspirational presentations seen, and experiencing the inner workings of one of the few working papermills left in England! What a treat!!

Photos can be seen -

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suitcase packed with an eclectic collection of stuff!!

Backpack filled with cameras, a laptop, an i-pod and the necessary paraphernalia required
to keep all things powered up!

Off to Frogmore Papermill in the morning to meet up with fellow paper enthusiasts!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friends Of Dard Hunter Conference

The conference is approaching - nearly time......
I'm working on the PP presentation for the opening night
and also making more Keepsake folders because more folks are attending!!
Plus - trying to think about my introductory speech - should I just wing it - no long speech writing me thinks - I'll put my thoughts into bullet points and let it develop organically on the evening....


Here's some photos of my studio in Herne Hill(next to Brockwell Park). I've been working there 2-3 days a week for the last year and now I'm having to pull out...... tough economic times!
Oh well, I enjoyed my time there and the walk there and back, across/up and over Brockwell Park has been a time full of thoughtful personal deliberations
concerning all matters artistic and personal.