Mandy Brannan


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Also...finished for this seasons' Artists' Book Fairs

Windows: I have had the odd moments of lucidity during a nasty bout of the flue last week which I used to finish my latest work/book that looks at windows……. architecturally, metaphorically and computeristically….

Up Date

Jane and I will again be at the Leeds Annual Artists book Fair  at the Tetley Gallery on the 4th and 5th March

Check out the photo....that us in the middle!

I will have lots of handmade papers, cards, artists' books, my new edition 'Brutal Brutalist Barbican and my magazine 'Pressed'. We have shown our work here nearly every year since we were on our MA year at Camberwell College of the Arts together. (2009)

Papermaking in Essex

Traveled out to the Essex Print Studio for a Sunday workshop. It wasn't as far away as I thought it was.... British Rail had me go out through Liverpool St, but I came back on the circle line  and then bus from Leytonstone....
The workshop went really well and the participants and Lynne , the studio owner, created some great pieces. T'was a bit nippy in the studio but we all forgot that as the paper making began.....

The workshop gave them a good understanding about the usage of different fibres, coloration and Western style sheet formation. They went into experimental mode very it when this happens....the resulting papers....brilliant!!

The next workshop here is on Sunday the 23 April..... and this one will also introduce the way to create Botanical papers with plant inclusions.