Mandy Brannan


Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of the year!! 2010

Yellow rose petals - they look like cornflakes......

Thought I'd prepare some inclusions for making paper in the New Year. I have really got in a bit of a slump - not sure why - maybe the weather has alot to do with it. The studio has been so cold that I have lost the early momentum. Or maybe the job at Selfridges has sapped my brain. So - time to get my papermaking going.
Also I have been working on several ideas for books. One is about how I can present the samples in a book form that's pleasing to the eye and to a potential customer - my friend Carolyn Skei has been bugging me to do this for years - why does it seem so difficult hmmmmm The other book idea is on the theme of architectural patterns and thoughts that surround me in my new life in London.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Making paper with spots - not easy - bit of a challenge

OK - where did the last month go - the last entry was on the 16th Nov. I was really busy getting ready for the Handmade and Bound book fair and a open house week-end at my studio!
Handmade and Bound - was very crowded - almost to many visitors! It got rather full and folks were unable to see the work. Plus many exhibitors lowered their prices - they have to be careful because it devalues the art form!