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Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Spring - Daffodils!

Finished my teaching course and thought it was time to take some time to make.....
Had some daffodils left from Easter and added the flowers to manila hemp - (abaca).
I tried different blends and I was really pleased with the buttery cream results.
I was sure that the flowers would loose their yellow colour when I cooked them - but surprisingly no.....
The paper has a good compactness and a nice rattle sound. If I make the sheets thick enough the resulting paper should be strong enough to be used with my etching plates for printing, if spray soaked.
I'll try adding some recycled graph paper in the next batch. Always need a bit of grid stuff in my work!
The outer/flimsy/translucent/part of the flower added an interesting element -
next time I will prepare these separately from the petals.

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